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Initial House Cleaning Rates..

House cleaning service (sometimes called maid service) varies in cost according to frequency of service, condition and size of home. Prices are generally based either on the number of rooms, the square footage or by the hour. Every home is unique, and no two customer have the same cleaning needs. Because our services are customized to suit each family needs, our house cleaning rates vary from home to home. Some factors that affect our cleaning service prices are the size of your home, the number of people and pets, and how often you want your home cleaned, but there are other factors as well. 

My Cleaning Lady provides you a set of customized house cleaning rates based on how often you want your home cleaned. We will provide you weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly house cleaning prices based on your specific needs. Most customers prefer an in-home confirmation visit after receiving their estimate. During this visit you have a chance to meet the owner or office manager personally and go over any special details.

It gives us a chance to see what we will be cleaning, which helps us come prepared on your initial cleaning visit and every regular visit. Some customers ask us if we charge more expensive rates. But we charge the same rates as other local cleaning services, if not less. You can be confident that My Cleaning Lady Cleaning Service prices are competitive locally. You can also be confident that My Cleaning Lady Cleaning Service will give you a clean healthy home, freedom and peace of mind –
all at a fair price.
Flat Rate Cleaning: 
These are base rates: 1st time / Initial Cleaning: $250.00-- & up (most 1st cleanings is under $385.00)

Weekly:  $85.00--$200.00 & up.

Bi-monthly: $155.00-- & up

Once a Month: $200.00-- & up

Hourly Cleaning :

$55.00 an hour (2 hour estimate per Cleaner,
If 2 cleaners, 2nd cleaner: $45.00 per hour )

We send one cleaner or a team of two or three people, with all of our own supplies and equipment. We bring clean cleaning rags into each home.  Never using rags from the previous home. 


  • Clean exterior of all vanities Clean light fixtures, switches, & ceiling fans Polish faucet,
  • Clean mirrors Spot clean the outside of cabinets Spot clean the door on both sides
  • Clean toilet and behind toilet
  • Scrub & disinfect toilets, tubs & showers•
  • Remove cobwebs Clean baseboards & floors Organize bath towels Wipe down all windowsills

Living Areas/Dining Room 
  • Dust all corners (high/low)
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces
  • Vacuum and/or Wash Floor
  • Clean baseboards Remove cobwebs
  • Clean windowsills Clean sliding glass doors
  •  If any Straighten up (please help us by picking up some before we come to clean)
  • Clean all glass & mirrors, Clean light fixtures, switches, & ceiling fans Dust & polish all furniture and all misc. items
Straighten linens Make BEDS ( the 1st bed is free, 2 or more beds will be $10.00 extra.) ( Please have bed STRIPPED and clean sheets in sight.

Remove trash

  • Vacuum/dust mop and Wash floor Spot clean outside of cabinets
  • Clean baseboards Clean exterior of stove Clean exterior of refrigerator
  • Scrub & sanitize sinks& counter tops
  • Clean and polish sink & faucet Clean the outside of all appliances Empty trash / Clean trashcan as needed Clean inside/outside of microwave
  • Wipe down all windowsills
  • Clean counter tops Light fixtures, ceiling fans, & switches
  • Wipe off electrical outlets

Load dishwasher(dishwasher must be empty)