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  1. Toxic-Free
    All our natural cleaning products are completely chemical free, no preservatives, no synthetic fillers or fragrances, and absolutely no artificial colors. When we say Toxin free, we mean it. We are strong believers that cleaning with extremely harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances is bad for your health, your family, your pets and definitely the planet. Using our all natural ingredients cleaning products will ensure that you and your love ones will never be exposed to toxic cleaning agents commonly found in most household cleaners ever again.
Secrets to a Healthy, Stress-Free Family
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A Natural Clean AROMA Home.
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About Us

MY Cleaning Lady Cleaning Service provides professional house cleaning services in Durham, Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill  NC areas.  We specialize in our very own Brand of All-Natural Aromatherapy Cleaning Products.   

We are affordable, dependable, thoughtful and experienced and provide work you can count on. With hand-crafted products, years of natural cleaning know-how and careful attention to detail, you can trust the proficiency of our work and feel great about a naturally clean home. We at My Cleaning Lady know that every home and every business is very unique, and we take pride in consciously accommodating  each individual work or living space we service. We understand the importance of a healthy and clean space.  


We  work diligently to transform your home, office or business into an energizing and efficient  enviroment.   You will fully enjoy all your home or business has to offer. We Believe in the Healing and Cleansing properties of herbs and their essential oils.  By using Pure, Organic Essential oils in all our natural cleaners, not only are we cleaning – we are also Purifying the air and revitalizing the feel of your home or business.   Aromatherapy allows you to get the most tranquility or functionality from your environment.


100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil​s in all our products.

Dangerous Chemicals In Your Home!!!
Did you know that Everyday household products contain harmful and poisonous chemicals that pollute our air?  Sources of potentially harmful chemicals, originate from cleaning supplies use to clean your home. Indoor air pollution is potentially more harmful to us than outdoor air pollution. 

 Over exposure of toxic chemicals in everyday household products, has been linked to health problems such as allergies, developmental problems, and cancer. SHOCKING?
 Households today contain on average 62 toxic chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. Less than 2% of synthetic chemicals found in ordinary everyday household cleaners have been tested for toxicity, cancer-causing effects, or birth defects. The majority of those chemicals have never been tested for any possible long-term effects. 

Makes you wonder?  Natural Cleaning is the way to way to go. 
Change your cleaning products and change you health!
Make the SWITCH NOW!!!
​ I learned that the hard way over my years of being in business.  That is why we have developed Nature, Pure and Simple Products for you.  It is exactly what the name says.  It’s Nature, Pure and Simple.  Can’t get any Purer then that.  
Natural Products for Your Home

You are invited to take the Natural Challenge by switching from using products containing unsafe or untested chemicals to products containing only all Natural ingredients, completely nontoxic, biodegradable ingredients (some products labeled 'green' aren't really safe for you and your family? 
 We offer affordable prices for all types of cleaning, including:

We bring ALL supplies and equipment.  

If you prefer that we use your equipment or supplies, we are happy to do so.

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